About Our History

We are a long-standing business with experience and commitment to our customers.

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We started out with a Caffettiera and a blade grinder… We grew from there.

Of course, being Italian the aroma of coffee filled the house from my earliest memory and being mechanical meant I was often called upon to help ‘fix the machine’ when it stopped – because an Italian family with no coffee is not a happy family. So it was a logical step to combine a passion for good coffee with good coffee machines.

However, I soon found that no matter how robust or well made the espresso coffee machine was they all needed care and maintenance. My friends, knowing of my reputation as a bit of a fix-it type, would have me over to ‘look at the machine’ and before I knew it I would be replacing seals, descaling blocked pipes and instructing customers how to get the best out of their machines.

When this hobby turned into a business I decided to only sell reputable brands that would stand the test of time and that’s why we only purchase from suppliers who support their machines. We repair and service all the machines we sell.

We know the importance of a good coffee and we know how to keep a machine running. In fact we inspect and trial every machine product before we sell it.

Honesty and fair prices have seen our business grow every year so now our biggest problem is not convincing our customers of the quality of our service, and quality of our coffee but trying to find enough hours in the day.

Rob, Paul, and Chris