The indispensable grinder Thinking about grinding your own coffee? Here’s a tip: Don’t waste your money on a blade grinder.

  • You will not get a consistent grind size so every cup will taste different.
  • The very high speed that these things run at means a lot of friction which means a lot of heat and so the oil in the beans burns and you get that taste.

What we recommend

* A corical barr, or flat barr blade grinder.

These are just some of the domestic grinders available

Coffee blade grinder

» The Compak K3 Grinder

Precise micrometrical grinder adjustment, with automatic or manual operating mode achieving precise dosing.

» The Rancilio Rocky grinder

This is the doser-less version of the grinder that doesn’t dispense a fixed amount into your filter cup. A doser version is also available.

Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder

» Bezzera BB004 Doser Grinder

Reliable high quality grinding blades. 1 Kg Per Hour Capacity if you are planning on going BIG at your next party.

BezzeraBB004 grinder

» The Doge 83

Another reliable grinder. The doser attachment makes replicating the ‘correct’ amount that little bit easier.

Doge 83 grinder

» The Mazzer series of grinders

Another reliable grinder. The doser attachment makes replicating the ‘correct’ amount that little bit easier.

Mazzer Robur professional

The Mazzer Super Jolly is arguably the most recognized espresso grinder with its famous conical shaped bean hopper and renouned for its combination of quality, speed, reliability and value.

The Mini Mazzer is no slouch when it comes to coffee grinding – the burrs are made of 100% Swedish hardened steel. They are easy to access for cleaning and better yet, very easy to recalibrate after cleaning. The bean hopper can be removed with the beans still inside allowing you to easily swap beans. Well engineered it is the type of equipment you would be proud to have in your home or business.

Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder

» La Pavoni Grinder

Manual key for grinding. The operator manages the dose stopping the grinding and retracting the filter holder from the support.

» La Pavoni Grinder

Key to select the doses ( 1 single dose; 1 double dose) Manual key for grinding. The dose is managed in an electronic way and it stops automatically when the selected time is expired.

» La Pavoni Grinder

Semiautomatic coffee dosing grinder with on/off switch. Structure in die-cast aluminium, 4 poles motor, equipped with thermal shield with class F insulation, fitted with tempered steel flat milled grinders, diameter 63,5 mm., 1400 R.P.M., motor power 0,33 HP.

Please note, you may wish to ring or visit to discuss matching your grinder to your machine requirements, style and colour as we can often source unusual or hard to get machines from our suppliers.