Segafredo MyEspresso

Segafredo – MyEspresso

The MyEspresso machine uses an Italian-built pump, with water pressure up to 19 bar and an exclusive piston dispensing system. The coffee machine operates at a water pressure of up to 19 bar and, thanks to the exclusive piston dispensing system, delivers a flavoursome and creamy espresso straight to your cup.

Practical Service

Compact and easy to use, it dispenses an espresso coffee in just a few seconds.

Easy to use

Enjoying a perfectly made espresso is quick and easy: simply switch on the machine, fill the water tank, place the pod in the relevant compartment and press the start-stop button.

Italian design

The MyEspresso machine features an unmistakably Italian design and is compact enough to fit in any kitchen. Combine it with a MyLatte milk frother and create your own cafe quality cappuccinos or lattes.

Guaranteed flavour

The single-serving MyEspresso pods are packaged in a modified atmosphere to perfectly preserve the flavour of the coffee blends specially selected by Segafredo Zanetti. Our coffee capsules are also 100% biodegradable and eco friendly.


MyEspresso Capsule Machine


Segafredo¬†Designed and produced by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System, this coffee capsule is 100% biodegradable. ¬†The Eco coffee capsule are made by adding EcoPure to the plastic. EcoPure is a product which won’t interfere in the flavour of the coffee and allows the capsule to be deposited with your green waste to biodegrade naturally. Compared to traditional plastic coffee capsules the EcoPure component allows the capsule to biodegrade 230 times quicker!