Coffee & Chocolate


“Roberto’s coffee” – the great taste of coffee

Our specially selected coffees and drinking chocolate will please on quality and price. Our ‘Cafe Supremo’ Select Coffee range is very popular with our customers.

Our range of “Roberto’s coffee”

Locally roasted to Rob’s specifications. We use only the finest quality beans to create distinctive blends.


Style Description $ per kg
Fulll Arabica Great taste but without the caffeine using the Swiss filtered method
Full Arabica but light and smooth so as not to overpower the senses
Arabica / Robusta mix
A very strong/sharp coffee, typical Italian/Greek style
Full Arabica Full body and flavour with an exquisitely smooth after-taste
Fulll Arabica Stronger than our Premium beautiful flavour with a smooth after taste

Special prices for 12kg purchases

All of our coffees are sold in 1kg bags to keep costs down.

Fresh – never more than 3 weeks old from roasting

Why not try mixing our varieties to make your own blend; many of our existing customers do.

Kona Coffee

Hawaii’s best coffee: We supply and endorse Kona coffee. After constant requests for ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’ coffee, we were able to source – with the help of our lovely friend ‘Marley’ coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii. In an area known as ‘KONA’. There are over 400 small acreage coffee farmers.

Some farmers use co-operatives; some farmers do the whole process from planting to roasting themseves; some use pesticides and herbacides.

100% Organic and Fair Trade.

Edlyn hot chocolateDrinking Chocolate

The great taste of Edlyn’s drinking chocolate

Indulge yourself with the creamy flavour and smooth melting texture of Edlyn’s Drinking Chocolate. The chocolate taste is ideal as an icy cold chocolate milkshake during summer, or as a warm, full-flavoured hot chocolate during winter. Also use as a sprinkle on cappuccinos and desserts.